Immunotherapy for Each Cancer Patient

Developing the Next Generation of Cancer Immunotherapy

Gritstone is a course-grained sandstone made up of the minerals quartz, mica, feldspar, calcite, and clay.

Our Vision

Gritstone Oncology’s goal is to eradicate cancer by developing personalized immunotherapies to fight multiple cancer types. Our approach focuses on the individual nature of a patient’s tumor and seeks to generate a therapeutic immune response in these patients by unleashing the natural power of a patient’s immune system to recognize tumor antigens in order to destroy cancer cells. These antigens, called tumor-specific neoantigens, offer attractive therapeutic targets because they are non-self and tumor-specific, and are key targets for a potent immune response. We believe that activating and directing the immune system to these tumor targets could offer an important opportunity to extend the benefits of immunotherapy for patients with cancer.

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What is a Tumor Antigen?

A small protein on the surface of a tumor cell that functions as the target for T cell mediated tumor death.


Antigens restricted to a certain normal cell type or lineage

Shared Tumor-Associated Antigens

Antigens present in normal cells and overexpressed in cancer cells

Shared Tumor-Specific Antigens

Antigens found in testis and tumor tissue that are functionally tumor specific

Tumor-Specific Neoantigens

Antigens derived from mutated proteins in tumor cells

Increasing Tumor Specificity

Watch how Gritstone Hopes to Cure Cancer

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Gritstone’s Approach
for Targeting Tumors

Leveraging our artificial intelligence EDGE™ platform, as well as our expertise in cancer genomics, Gritstone Oncology is developing multiple immunotherapies designed to direct a robust immune response to neoantigens. We are developing two key classes of tumor-specific neoantigen product candidates to treat patients with cancer.


Many tumor mutations are unique to each individual patient. For patients with neoantigens arising from patient-specific mutations, we believe that an immunotherapy made specifically for each patient has the potential to drive a potent immune response. GRANITE is Gritstone’s personalized immunotherapy.

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Some cancer mutations, known as driver mutations, recur between different cancer patients. Neoantigens that arise from these driver mutations and are shared between selected patients may be able to be used for an off-the-shelf neoantigen therapy to treat this group of patients. SLATE is Gritstone’s investigational off-the-shelf immunotherapy.

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Gritstone's Artificial
Intelligence Platform

Identifying the correct neoantigens for an immunotherapy presents a significant challenge because only a small percentage of mutations in the DNA of a tumor cell are transcribed, translated and processed into a tumor-specific neoantigen. Current technologies cannot predict the presence of tumor-specific neoantigens with sufficient accuracy to design a therapy that is likely to be effective. To address this prediction challenge, Gritstone has developed EDGE, an artificial intelligence-based platform using extensive human tumor data. EDGE was trained on this large-scale dataset and will be applied in the clinical setting to predict immune targets.

Pleasanton, CA

Gritstone’s Pleasanton facility houses our manufacturing capabilities and is fully equipped with multiple clean rooms, quality control and assurance, and development labs.

Emeryville, CA

Gritstone’s Emeryville facility is our corporate headquarters and includes our immunotherapy platform research lab and development team.

Cambridge, MA

Gritstone’s Cambridge facility includes our GMP sequencing lab, immune monitoring, and mass spec immunopeptidomics capabilities.

Our Facilities

With neoantigen immunotherapy products, there are many areas of development that require exceptional expertise and execution. Each of Gritstone Oncology’s three facilities have specialized capabilities and personnel with the technical know-how that we believe is required to build the next generation of cancer immunotherapy.

Meet Our Leadership

Gritstone Oncology has assembled a group of distinguished scientific founders and advisers, a highly experienced leadership team, and a seasoned board of directors to tackle fundamental challenges at the intersection of cancer genomics and immunotherapy.

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Andrew Allen, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Marc Bellemin, M.B.A.
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Hawryluk, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer
Erin E. Jones, M.S.
Executive Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality
Karin Jooss, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer
Raphaël F. Rousseau, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Rahsaan W. Thompson, J.D.
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Vijay Yabannavar, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Technical Operations
Roman Yelensky, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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At Gritstone Oncology, we are committed to progressing the field of immunotherapy, with a goal to eradicate cancer by initially developing personalized immunotherapies that focus on the unique and individual nature of a patient’s tumor. Our dynamic team combines novel science with focus on team work, and we are looking for passionate, innovative people to join us.

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